Is a Hot Tub Good for Fatty Liver?

Is hot tub good for fatty liver?
Is hot tub good for fatty liver?

At, we’ve explored the intriguing question: “Is a hot tub good for fatty liver?” This article presents our findings, offering insights into how hot tub therapy might impact those with fatty liver disease.

Understanding Fatty Liver Disease

Fatty Liver Disease: Characterized by excess fat accumulation in liver cells, this condition is often linked with lifestyle factors. It includes alcoholic fatty liver disease (AFLD) and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

Hot Tubs and Liver Health: Insights from

  1. Effects on Portal Hemodynamics: examined a study on PubMed which discusses the effects of hot water bathing on portal hemodynamics in liver cirrhosis patients. The study suggests a lower hemodynamic response in cirrhotics, indicating the need for careful consideration.
  2. Spa and Health Resort-Based Treatment: Our research also highlights a PubMed study on the effectiveness of spa treatments for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, suggesting potential therapeutic benefits.
  3. General Health Benefits: While direct research on hot tubs and fatty liver is limited, the overall health benefits of hot water therapy, such as stress reduction, can indirectly support liver health.

Precautions and Considerations

  1. Medical Consultation: strongly advises individuals with fatty liver disease to seek medical guidance before using hot tubs for therapy.
  2. Condition Monitoring: Those with advanced liver disease should exercise caution, as hot water baths can impact blood circulation and liver function.
  3. Lifestyle Integration: We recommend considering hot tub therapy as part of a comprehensive lifestyle approach for managing fatty liver disease.


In summary, while there is some evidence of hot tub therapy benefiting liver health, its direct impact on fatty liver disease requires further research. Our findings at suggest that individuals with fatty liver disease should approach hot tub use cautiously and always under medical supervision.


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  2. PubMed – Effectiveness of Spa and Health Resort-Based Treatment for NAFLD

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