How Much Ratti to Wear?

In the world of gemstones and astrology, the term ‘ratti’ is often mentioned, especially in the context of how much ratti to wear for astrological benefits. Ratti is a traditional Indian unit of weight used for gemstones. This article delves into the significance of ratti and provides insights into determining the appropriate weight of a gemstone for astrological use.

What is Ratti?

Definition and Significance

Ratti is an ancient unit of weight, which is still used in the Indian subcontinent for measuring gemstones. It is equivalent to approximately 0.91 carats. The weight of a gemstone in ratti is a crucial factor in Vedic astrology, as it is believed to influence the effectiveness of the stone.

Historical Context

The use of ratti dates back centuries and is deeply rooted in the traditional practices of astrology and gemology in India. Understanding how much ratti to wear is essential for those who follow these practices.

Determining the Right Ratti for Gemstones

Astrological Considerations

In astrology, the weight of the gemstone, or how much ratti to wear, is determined based on various factors including one’s astrological chart, the planet being targeted, and the specific needs of the individual. Astrologers often provide recommendations on the appropriate ratti for a gemstone.

Personal Factors

Personal factors such as one’s age, body weight, and the intensity of the issue being addressed are also considered when determining how much ratti to wear. Generally, it is suggested that one ratti per 12 kg of body weight is a standard measure.

The Impact of Ratti in Astrology

Enhancing the Gemstone’s Effectiveness

The belief in Vedic astrology is that wearing a gemstone of the correct ratti can significantly enhance its effectiveness. The right weight ensures that the gemstone’s energies are aligned with the wearer’s astrological needs.

Overcoming Life’s Challenges

Many believe that wearing gemstones of specific ratti can help in overcoming various life challenges, be it professional, personal, or health-related. The concept of how much ratti to wear plays a pivotal role in this belief.

Choosing the Right Gemstone and Ratti

Consultation with Experts

It is advisable to consult with experienced astrologers or gemologists to determine how much ratti to wear. They can provide guidance based on a thorough analysis of one’s astrological chart and personal circumstances.

Quality over Quantity

While the weight of the gemstone is important, the quality should not be compromised. A high-quality gemstone of a slightly lower ratti can be more effective than a larger stone of inferior quality.


The concept of how much ratti to wear is a fundamental aspect of gemstone astrology. It requires a careful consideration of various astrological and personal factors. Consulting with experts and prioritizing the quality of the gemstone are key steps in this process. Whether for astrological purposes or personal belief, understanding and respecting the traditional practices surrounding ratti can enhance the experience and potential benefits of wearing gemstones.

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